Kid gets head stuck in fence – Dad to the rescue!

By | January 7, 2017
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Making business decisions are the most important function of any business owner. Throughout each day we make thousands of decisions and many are made instinctively and others learned through habits.For many business owners, however, they get stuck on the fence. Staying on the fence contributes to a lack of clients, limited income, and sheer frustration.Many first-time business owners stay on the fence when it comes to making the decision to fully commit to their business. They vacillate between starting a business and looking for a job. If you don’t think your prospects can feel that apprehension, they can and they do. Watch video in link below

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This in-between place is fraught with anxiety and frustration. You may be trying to market your business, but when you’re undecided in any place, it feels like you’re swimming upstream in mud. It feels this way because, despite taking action in your business, you’re splitting your mental energy by also applying for jobs. You get excited because you get an interview which then redirects your energy some place other than your business. When you don’t land the job, you figure you’ll refocus your efforts in your business.This is also true when business owners try to market more than one business or market to everyone rather than narrow down their focus to a niche. If you don’t commit to who you will serve, you will serve no one.