Khuda Aur Muhabbat Actress Sadia Khan Vulgar Movie

By | December 25, 2016
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The Bollywood movie industry began in silence in 1913 with the film Raja Harischandra. When sound movies became popular during the 1930’s Hindi movies were ranked among the top despite the depression the country was experiencing. Most people think of Bollywood as India’s version of Hollywood, but in fact, the Indian version of Hollywood started with Tollygunge. Tollygunge was the hub of Bengali film making in the early years. By the 50’s, the Hindi movie industry was booming with success and this relation did not surface until the 1970’s when Mumbai was still identified as Bombay. Watch video in link below

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Madhubala, the lead actress of the most highly ranked movie of all Bollywood movies, was one of the most beautiful of all time. Mughal-e-azam, released in 1960, is the top rated Hindi movie followed by Mother India released in 1957 starring Nargis; another beautiful and naturally talented Hindi actress.Since the apex of the 1950’s, Bollywood has made its way around the world earning awards and achieving international acclaim. Most recently, the movie industry took its popularity to the bank thanks to the movie Slum Dog Millionaire starring the lovely Freida Pinto as lead Hindi actress. Actor Dev Patel played her love interest. This movie won eight.