Junaid’s Brother Omer Jamshed Exclusive Talk After His Brother Death.

By | December 15, 2016
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story and asked a question that I think is pertinent to people (regardless of age) who have seen ghosts. Spirit visitations similar to this one occur quite frequently at the time of death.Irene’s older brother Harold had cirrhosis of the liver and was admitted to the hospital five days before Irene’s birthday. Harold called Irene complaining about the hospital food and wanted her to bring him some rice and beans.Later that evening, Irene visited her brother. He somehow managed to surprise her with a piece of cake and a candle. His kind birthday gesture touched her heart but she still had to explain about why she could not bring him the rice and beans he had asked for. When speaking. Watch video in link below

Video link: http://wp.me/p7PtNj-1C4

Irene was warned not to bring him anything because his liver wasn’t filtering and any food could be toxic to him. The brother and sister spent hours that night giggling and talking about Thanksgiving dinner, which was just a few days away. On November 27, Irene had a dream in which Harold came to her room dressed in his hospital gown and said, “I just came to say goodbye, Sis.” He kissed her hand and left.When she awoke at six o’clock the next morning her room was freezing cold and smelled like a hospital. Everything felt weird and off key but Irene got up, took a shower, and carried out her normal work routine. That afternoon she called the hospital to see how her brother was doing.