Jima Humbistri k bad kia baghair ghusal kiye sona haram hai

By | January 8, 2017
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The Vatican, which he built, outlawed sex outside of marriage and invented the so-called sacraments to force people to comply. Jerome was then appointed to produce the New Testament and unify the fledgling religion. He based its laws, festivals, calendar, instruments, order of service, and symbols on those of the Zoro Aster religion of Babylon, which is the root of Islam.My reincarnation confirms there are no such places as heaven or hell and that the story of Jesus Christ is fiction. People are waking up to the religious lies and the pace of the drift away from them is quickening. At the same time the spiritual people of God are collecting in groups and experiencing the outpouring of the Spirit along with healing miracles, speaking in tongues, communication with God, and peace. Watch video in link below

Video link: http://wp.me/p7PtNj-2fB

Every animal on earth and many plants reproduce sexually and there is no logical reason why humans are not of the same order and design. As it is almost impossible for men to remain celebrate the facts speak for themselves. While Catholic priests pretend to be so most of them fail and is the reason why many are charged with paedophile related offences. is derived from ‘sun’ and worship of that celestial body saw the stylised figure of a woman produced from the rainbow coloured star of moving rainbow colored lights. This image was formed in the dispersed light when the rays passed through a perforated obstacle. It was titled ‘Ma-r-I’ for ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and men decided they could ‘marry Mary’ and become stars in heaven.