What Husband Did With His Wife Must Share …

By | November 24, 2016
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The changes that were brought to Russian sociality together with the beginning of Russian reconstructions in 1985 and economical crisis have affected the mentality of male population in Russia in an unpredictable way.They demonstrated this depression by staying home and drinking, leaving the role of the bread winner to their wives, girlfriends and mothers.
Even nowadays with the economy stabilized, salary increases from the State, and relocation counseling services, Russian men still often play a minor role in the family, and do not earn enough money to provide for its members.In rural districts of Russia if a woman earns more than a man in the family, or if the man doesn’t work at all and totally depends on the woman, it is considered to be OK and none of his friends would ever point it out to him. Watch video in link below

Video link: http://wp.me/p7PtNj-1bo

The roots of this dependency go back to the Soviet period. In Soviet times lack of housing forced parents and grown children to live together. Mothers of Russian men considered their sons to be their babies whether the son was 14 or 41 years old.The mentality of being dependent and a mommy’s boy continues today.
Russian mothers go to such great lengths to take care of their sons that by the age of 20 these men still can’t take of themselves, wash clothes or cook. And why should they? Once they get married – the wife is going to take over. The Russian wife will also take care of a husband’s appearance; brushing or cutting his hair, doing his tie, preparing his bath and scrubbing his back. Such close care deprives Russian women of an important thing in her family life – sharing duties and household chores. She simply has too much to do and with the years, the stress and exhaustion starts to shake the marriage.