Hindu Girl Converts To Islam Bursts Into Tears While Telling Her Story – Exclusive

By | December 13, 2016
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Have you ever wondered how to tell your story? Many ethnic groups engage in some form of storytelling. This makes telling your story a universal desire. Stories can help celebrate history. They can memorialize a significant event for centuries. But what happens when a memory doesn’t yield much merriment? How does a person tell his or her story when it’s a difficult one?Here are a few ideas on how to tell your story when it’s hard to bear. Watch video in link below

Video link: http://wp.me/p7PtNj-1z5

First, you have to decide what it means to tell your story. This answer won’t be the same for everyone. For some, telling their story might involve disclosing to a loved one. For others, it could mean publishing a book. And still for others, sharing their story could be more personal. It may involve keeping journal entries tucked safely away.Try to avoid sharing your story in a way that makes you uncomfortable. Don’t rush yourself to communicate more than you’re ready to say.Whether you choose to lock your stories away or distribute them to the world, do so with self-compassion. The Latin root for passion is suffering. When a person is compassionate, they suffer with another person. When you are self-compassionate, you suffer with yourself. You show yourself empathy. Try to put yourself in your own shoes. How were you feeling then and how can you kindly respond to yourself now.