What Happens When Wasey Chaudhry Ask Ayoob Khosa To Do Romance Scene With Meera Sethi

By | December 27, 2016
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you know it’s all about the attitude, the surroundings, and the character. Nobody wants to kiss an untouchable character, and if the surroundings aren’t appropo, you’re going nowhere. That attitude thingie… well, if your lady isn’t swayed by the glint in your eyes, it won’t matter what your lips taste like.Pucker up boys…Before you pucker up to kiss your lady off her feet, you’d better make sure those lips are smackable and tasty. Kissable lips are full, slightly moist and quick to laugh. Those are the spectacular lips you’ll have when you select just the right guy for kissing in your story. He’s bound to be a bit edgy, well rounded, the hero kind of guy. Watch video in link below

Video link: http://wp.me/p7PtNj-1UA

highest esteem and treasures her enough to wait until she’s ready for that ultimate personal touch – the .So exactly how will you write this most enticing of topics?Sensual words that capture the essence of sexuality come to mind, but then… so do tender, comforting and decadent words that delight and entice the reader into the moment. Finding the key to sensuality and then using that key to bring the reader into the emotional commitment that takes place before the kiss. Holding those key words as a component of building a relationship, and keeping the moment intact with some force of unity, and pealing away the walls of humanity to reveal the vulnerability of two people who share the intimate connection.