What Happened With Bride on Her Wedding Day ?? Sanam Baloch Got Shocked

By | December 1, 2016
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A long time ago, when you were full of vigor, you had a lot of dreams. You dreamt of big and grandiose things, of being rich and famous, of going places, of having your name as well-known as your favorite pretzels; of conquering the world.What happened to your dreams?“Well,” you might say, “they have gone the way most youthful dreams go – buried and forgotten.”Yes, years and adulthood have a way of transforming our youthful idealisms and fantasies into realities that we are often not prepared to handle, of making life so overwhelming we can hardly keep our noses above water.When we become adults, our dreams give way to new priorities, new responsibilities, different set of problems and concerns, of starting a family and many more. We get out from the comfortable life-support from parents and begin to live our own lives, earn our own keep and lay down the blueprint for the future. Watch video in link below

Video link: http://wp.me/p7PtNj-1lf

Consequently, they miss the opportunity of laying down the foundations of a happy, successful and meaningful life. Not only have they abandoned their youthful dreams, they have succumbed to the allure of things that are within reach and easy for the taking. They embrace the fast food mentality.There are so many young people these days toiling at jobs they hate. Too many smart, educated and talented young people working at half their potential at jobs they are just tolerating, not loving. They have put their dreams on hold in exchange for more money, a bigger house, a fancy car, private schools for the children, and many other worldly things that are not relevant to what a happy and successful life.