Hamza Agar Tum Mujh se Shadi Karlo Tou Main Saari Zindagi Abaya Pehano Gi

By | December 18, 2016
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Developing trust in a relationship as well as marriage is very important. It leads to a successful relationship and marriage respectively. Failure to ensure this in a relationship and/or marriage leads to behavior change like women keeping tabs on their men. There are various reasons why women keep tabs on their men. It is important as a man, to avoid any of these and live an enjoyable life.Marriage is the first critical transformation in a girl’s life. Watch video in link below

Video link: http://wp.me/p7PtNj-1I6

It is a transformation because the girl leaves behind everything that was familiar to her – from family members and house to cuddly toys and favourite chair – to step into the unknown. A new house that has to be her new home and new people who are to form her family now. A different culture and home atmosphere is frightening enough by itself but the biggest challenge lies in establishing and nurturing a relationship that should last lifelong.You are going to crash land terribly if you have high hopes regarding marriage from a tender age. As a matter of fact, marriage is not at all a fairy tale episode which you always dream about after watching the Disney movies or the Hollywood’s classics. Reality bites! Hence, you should be more practical instead of being a romantic blind as you are on the way to tie up the knot.