Hahahha Aunty Ka Level Check Karo Sab Kuch Bhool Jao Ge

By | December 30, 2016
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When someone has a low blood sugar level, they will notice a variety of symptoms. They may get a headache, begin sweating, get dizzy or notice their heart pounding. If these symptoms persist, it is important that they test their blood sugar level and take the appropriate steps to get it at a healthy level.One popular method of checking blood sugar is with the finger stick method. Before doing this kind of test, it is a good idea to hold the hand below the waist for a minute or two to let the blood pool in the finger and make it easier to collect. The stick should go into the side of the fingertip. Watch video in link below

Video link: http://wp.me/p7PtNj-1Zj

finger since that will hurt more and probably not produce enough blood. After collecting the blood, simply drop it on a test strip and put it in the meter for results.For those who do not like to be pricked, there is a non-invasive method of testing blood sugar levels. It is done with a device that is worn like watch and takes the reading through the skin. The device uses a small electrical shock to pull fluids through the skin for the reading. It is a good idea to wear the device for a three-hour warm up period before taking the reading.If it turns out that the blood sugar is a bit low, it is important to immediately eat or drink something with quick acting sugar. This could be anything from fruit juice or regular soda to raisins. Continue eating this type of snack every fifteen minutes until the level of sugar in the blood has risen above eighty.