Guy Waited 12 Years For Snowfall To Do Engagement

By | January 8, 2017
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It has been several years of drought in California and Nevada. Crops are withering, lakes and rivers have dwindled, and the water aquifer level is dropping. We depend on water for so many things – drinking, cooking, bathing, watering crops, recreation, and so much more. Land without water is dried up; people without water cannot endure. Water is life. So imagine my delight when the weather forecasters hit it right and rain and later snow began falling like mad. It started last evening with a sudden whosh and then a pause, and then it waltzed in again and is refusing to stop. Glorious, wonderful, enriching water is pounding. Watch video in link below

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My morning began with a pre-dawn run in the rain. While some might hesitate to wander out into a shower, I looked forward to it with great anticipation. Refreshing, clean, and tingling with rebirth, a rain is incredible for building the spirit and exciting the mind. Jumping puddles and avoiding potential spills on corners, the miles reeled by in delight. Although soaking wet by the end, I had been revitalized by the joyous droplets that covered me. After all, wet dries, a warm shower warms, and fresh clothing soothes.With a speedy glance at the weather report I noted that rain was expected from the coast of California to the Nevada-Utah border and beyond with potential snowfall.