Guy From Punjab Rocked In Indian Idol

By | December 25, 2016
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I still remember when I saw him in audition I got completely moved by his voice, his singing and of course by his effervescent persona. That time it crossed my mind, YEAAAHHH…. he is a man of long race and this is what he has been doing till now.He is one of the strong contenders in the Indian Idol race. Others like Amit Paul, Ankita, Emon are in the race but Meiyang Chang is their giving them a strong fight making them to bite bullet.Staying after every elimination episode, only his singing talent and X- factor have helped him to sail so far. Watch video in link below

Video link:

Though the audience seems divided, the public who support him is also not lesser than the other combined contestants volume. Not to mention, he is very different from other contestants by his cute, unique looks and talent.From the bottom of my heart, I pray he clears each and every coming elimination rounds. After all I am great fan of him. It is not that I weigh heavily towards him, I find Amit Pual also mesmereized me very much.But at the same time I am also afraid and worried of Prashant Tamang’s fan following, a Nepali and from the police background. But I don’t find in him that magical factors that are pre-requisite of winning this gala.