This Girl Is Looking For Shadi Rishta

By | December 13, 2016
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magine what you would be able to do if you knew what girls were actually looking for in guys, you could in fact mould and present yourself as a guy that every girl is looking for. Contrary to what many men think most girls or beautiful girls are not looking for a guy who drives a Ferrari and although financial stability is definitely a plus point it is not the only thing which will get you a girl. There are many other qualities that girls are looking for, many of which any guy can incorporate. Watch video in link below

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Out of many things women are looking for a guy or guys who stay committed to their relationship, if there is the slightest hint that you will jump ship a few days or weeks or even years down the lane she will not find you suitable. She wants someone who will stick with her through the tough times as well as the easy times and so if you can come across as a guy like that you can get 60% of the girls out there. So in order to appear to be Mr. Dependable you need to just focus your attention on her, try to shut out other women when in her presence so that she feels that you are sticking with her through everything.