This Girl Was Asked For FB Password on Wedding Night, What Happened Next Will Shock You

By | December 17, 2016
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Your bride will certainly have already been thinking about what to wear on the wedding night, as she will want to look as gorgeous and sexy as possible for you (and subsequently feel gorgeous and sexy herself), on such a magical night. If you take on the responsibility and buy her this as a gift, not only will you have taken away the worry for her but she’ll be pleased that you bought something of your own choosing. That way she knows that you will find it sexy, and she doesn’t have the worry of whether or not you will like it. Watch video in link below

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Try to make sure you have a good idea of what size she is. If you aren’t sure, sneak a peek of some of her underwear at home (or just ask her!). You don’t want to make the mistake of buying her something 2 sizes too big, as she might accuse you of thinking she is fat. Similarly, buy something too small and she will feel like she is too fat when she wears it!… get it right, and she will feel (and look) hot! Try to find something that is going to be easy for her to slip on quickly once you get back to your bedroom. She won’t want to be fiddling around putting something on after a long tiring day. Corsets are generally to be avoided for this reason.