Funny Scene Happened With Azhar Ali Out Decision

By | December 27, 2016
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Cricket, like most other sports of today, is governed by a strict code of Laws. Any breach of that code can result in serious penalties at individual, as well as team, level. To be able to play the game in its true spirit and according to the laws, one must have the knowledge of its basic rules. These rules are regarding the game, code of conduct for players, for umpires, for development program events, penalties for breach of conduct and other penalties.Some of the main rules of the game are:Before the GameTwo teams play the game of cricket. Each team has 11 players and a substitute fielder called twelfth man. The team is finalized. Watch video in link below

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During the course of the game, umpires have to make sure that the ball is not tampered with. Ball tampering means using any illegal manner or substance to change the state of the ball.Each team gets a new ball at the start of an innings and they have to complete the innings with the same ball during a One-day match. A ball can only be changed if it is lost or if the umpires are convinced that it has either lost its shape or color. In such instances a different ball which is in relatively similar condition can be taken.During the test Matches, balls can be changed at the discretion of the bowling captain at the completion of 80 overs in an innings, or after.