Fighting Scene Between Amir and Starc

By | December 18, 2016
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technique of creating a convincing fight scene. Bodies crash to the floor.. chairs are upended… viewers are treated to closeups of terrified or furious faces… and the punches thrown are enough to make us wince and close our eyes. (No more of those prissy punches that fooled nobody in the early films – sneaky camera angles to hide the fact that the fist didn’t really connect; loud thuds to suggest a knockout punch when anybody could see it wouldn’t knock a gnat out of its flight path. Watch video in link below

Video link:

goers are treated to multiple camera angles and sophisticated sound effects. We feel as though we’re right in the middle of that fight.Authors have it a lot harder. How can you throw the reader in the middle of the scene and feel every punch? How can you show the action without falling into the trap of sounding like a school kid enthusiastically detailing a fight, punch by punch; kick by kick?There are just two things to keep in mind.Remember you’re a writer, not a choreographer.Pack your fights with EMOTIONAL punch.That’s it. So simple – yet so effective.What does a choreographer do? Plans a series of movements, step by step. He/she teaches the people performing the movements how to perform each one, and then how to put them together into a smooth routine.