Earthquake in New Zealand – Exclusive

By | November 14, 2016
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The last two years has seen an increase in more deadly earthquakes, which have struck Chile, China, Haiti, Indonesia, and Pakistan, often with deadly effects. Living in a new era of deadlier quakes, and increased seismic activity, how can we reduce the deadlier aftereffects of an Earthquake?Some Countries are in the quake zone, notably Chile, Haiti and Indonesia. A Zone which lays far beneath our oceans and land masses, which spread across all our continents. In Indonesia, quakes are a regular occurrence, often on a daily basis, whilst in other regions rarer. Watch video in link below

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Recent Earthquakes in Chile and Haiti, have created some startling but very real discussion on how we can reduce the deadlier aftereffects of a quake. As the death toll, and damage in both countries are remarkably different. Haiti, has a history of Earthquakes, and the recent quake which devastated Port au Prince, the nations capital, created huge damage, and death tolls. This to many experts was a natural disaster, which turned into a man-made disaster.There is a link between poverty, lack of urban planning, and the extent the disaster can hurt a country. In Japan, a nation known for Earthquakes and Tsunamis, damage and deaths from a quake, are minimal zed by planning around the possibility of a future earthquake.