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By | December 2, 2016
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Let me repeat, when you lose trust in anyone – you interpret everything said or done by them based on uncertainty, fear, anger, doubt, suspicion and disbelief – not a basis for a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship whether personal or business.Ever lost trust for someone – a supervisor, spouse, friend or anyone for that matter? If your answer is no you most likely either be in denial or living on some other planet. Exactly what is trust and what causes us to lose it?Do people lie, misrepresent or tell half-truths? Yes, yes and yes. Do these always inflict pain on another person? Yes, no and it depends. Watch video in link below

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don’t care if it’s a spouse, a first date, an employee, a customer, a child or a government official – lies detract from truth and then trust. Keep in mind that truth for each of us is grounded in our personal beliefs, experience, education and values. All facts are interpreted individually and uniquely based on a person’s expectations, knowledge, experience and self-esteem. So, when I say its – blue – you can say well, it’s light blue or whatever. When I say I’ll be there at noon – if I arrive at 12:05 did I lie or do I have other personal issues that got in the way? It doesn’t matter if your expectation is grounded in an opinion that everyone should always do what they say.