CNG Bike Soon To Be Launch In Pakistan

By | January 5, 2017
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CNG Motor to promote environmental protection and energy conservation Today, countries are exploring thedevelopment and use of clean energy. Singaporean researchers recently developed a new type of hydrogen fuel motorcycle.We propose a variety of activities, but our main propose is to deliver the CNG & Hydrogen technology for motorcycles ( Bikes & Tricycles ). We are targeting the Asia market, retail and Hybrid conversion as currently over 140 millions motorcycles are registered in Asia alone by grow rate of 5% to10% annually. Watch video in link below

Video link:

Natural Gas- Sustainable Energy Our core business is Smart Systems and Components for Sustainable Energy and Natural/Biogas, development until service and maintenance. Our own Technologies, state of the art. The CNG Motorcycle, CNG Motor, CNG refueling at home, CNG Cargo Container and priority Manifolds. Transfer technology for natural gas applications. Development center for components and systems, natural Gas and Biogas applications; priority CNG motorcycle (Convert and Retail) CNG stations manifolds, dryers, filters, connectors and more. Pressure and Flow solutions, components, systems and manifolds. Mechnical and electronic system solutions.