Chori pakri gai. Ab ronay sy kha faida. Jewellery were stolen.

By | November 16, 2016
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It is extremely important to have your special jewellery pieces properly insured just in case the worst should happen and you should suffer a loss. Jewelry pieces are often items of high sentimental value making a loss exceptionally painful to bear, especially as the result of a crime. So, the last thing that you would want to happen is to discover you are under-insured and are unable to replace what you have lost at current market prices. As metals and stones prices fluctuate all the time. Watch video in link below

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how do you revalue your jewellery every year for the annual policy renewal, whether for a specialist jewelry insurance policy or for a general household contents policy with a section for insuring jewellery?The easiest and most accurate way of updating your jewellery valuations is to pay for a professional annual revaluation of your jewellery. However, jewellery valuations do not come cheap, with prices charged typically 1-2% of the overall value of the jewellery. With the rise in jewellery prices as a result of raw material price rises, this method of pricing automatically means that the charges made for valuations have been rising steeply in recent years. Many people don’t want to pay for a professional jewelry valuation every year. So, how do you go about estimating an updated value for your jewelry for insurance policy purposes yourself.