China tightens security at Pakistani Border…Indian Media

By | January 12, 2017
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China is a modern developing country with good economic and political condition. It is the biggest ancient society with flair towards modern culture and values. China has very good relations with its neighbors like Pakistan and Russia. It is also working at its best to solve its problem with India. Pakistan was one of the first countries of the world to recognize China, and since then they have very good relations with each other. Any kind of change in both of these countries has good or bad impact on each other, and the region of South Asia. Watch video in link below

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China, not only developed its own infrastructure, but also provides economic aid and military equipment to Pakistan, which is very important for Pakistan to develop its infrastructure and due to its border and relations with India. India – China relationship during sixties provides a good opportunity for Pakistan to get all type of assistance from China. Any change in Chinese policy and economic conditions has great impact on Pakistan’s economy, as China is the major financer of Pakistan’s military and development projects like Ballistic Missiles, JF-17 Thunder aircraft, Gwader Port etc. Any decrease in China’s economic growth level can reduce the economic and military aid towards Pakistan. Pakistan needs China’s help in developing the cooperation in economic projects like trade, energy and infrastructure development like Gwader port etc.