By | January 4, 2017
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The child custody order is the final result of your child custody agreement or parenting plan. The custody order makes your parenting plan a legal document, and thus it essentially becomes a law that both parents have to follow. If the parents of the children on the order don’t follow the custody and visitation schedule, or they break any of the provisions and stipulations, they can be help in contempt of court and face legal consequences. This is to ensure that both parents follow the agreement and that they can rely on the other parent following the agreement. Because the parents have to follow the custody video in link below

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it is important for the parents to be happy about the order and the custody agreement. Here are some of the laws you need to know when creating your agreement so you are satisfied with your order.In order for you to have an agreement that becomes a legally binding document, you have to start a court case. This is done by filing the proper paperwork and forms with the court. You file the forms after you have filed for divorce, and you file at the same court as the divorce court. The first form that is filled out is a petition for custody. The parent who initiates the case fills this out and then the other parent responds. Every state has different requirements for the papers that are filled.