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By | January 6, 2017
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When treating industrial wastewater, one encounters a host of problems. One such problem is determining the exact content and the type of industrial wastewater effluents for the right kind of treatment. In this article I discuss briefly, methods used to detect four such hazardous contaminants released by industries.ManganeseWhen lab technicians test wastewater for the presence of Manganese, they use an oxidation reaction where AgNO3 is used as a catalyst. In this reaction the Mn which is comparatively more soluble, is converted to KMnO4 in an oxidation reaction. This KMnO4 changes the color of the solution to pink. To prevent any unwanted interference by the CL, the chemical compound Mercury Sulphate. Watch video in link below

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To test wastewater for Sodium (Na) and Potassium (K) the sample is sprayed across a gas flame to study the luminescence. This process is called excitation and is always done under controlled conditions. The test must always be reproducible for better results. Special filters called the interference filters are used to identify and study the spectral line. Only a particular spectral line is studied for analysis. The intensity of this spectral line is measured with the use of a photo tube potentiometer.K has a value of 766.5 nm and that of Na is 589 nm in the spectral lines. Both these elements are analyzed.