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By | January 7, 2017
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A wedding in Pakistan can take up to a year of planning, and is considered the most stable means of living between two adults. It is not uncommon for family members to plan the wedding. Another name given to a Pakistani wedding is shaadi. Although most families make arrangements for who the bride will marry, modern-day love marriages are starting to become more prevalent. Marriage between cousins of the Pakistan tradition is also not considered to be unheard of.Before the wedding, there is a proposal party where the parents and family of the groom ask for permission from the bride’s family and parents for her hand in marriage. Some families will present one another with gifts of gold and other types of jewelry to be worn on the wedding day, although not all families choose to do this. The next step preceding a Pakistani wedding is an engagement party between families. Watch video in link below

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This is when the rings are exchanged. Depending on the family’s individual tradition, some may still allow the rings to be presented by the family, although it is not uncommon for the bride and groom to exchange the rings themselves. The engagement party is often referred to as Mangni, and involves the very important step of deciding when the wedding day will be.After the wedding day is determined, the Mayun is celebrated. The Mayun is a symbolization of the bride’s upcoming wedding. She is given no chores or errands, and is not allowed to see her groom-to-be until the official day of the ceremony. The bride’s family and close friends are all present for this celebration. Singing, dancing, and beautification rituals all begin during the Mayun.