By | January 7, 2017
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Too often a woman finds herself broken hearted and alone because she was too trusting and has found to her horror that her guy has been two timing her! If you need to know the depth of your man’s feelings for you and whether he will stay true to you or not, take a quick look at these tips.If he is serious about you, he will naturally let his feelings be known to you. He will not be able to hide them any longer and he knows that the quicker he tells you of his feelings the faster the relationship can develop between you if you too feel the same way. This is why you should be on the lookout for signs that tell you he cares. Watch video in link  below

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nly if he is serious about you, will he start talking about the future with you. A guy who is just playing the fool or using you will skirt around the subject of commitment. He will avoid the topic of marriage like the plague and will hate to encourage any talk of the future.In an attempt to impress you and make you love him more he will try to show you that he is a good catch! To do this, he will become more serious and responsible. He will prove that he is a man of his word and well able to take care of you. He will do his best not to let you down.If he is serious about you, he is automatically seeing you as “His woman” in his mind. This will make him behave in a manner that is possessive. He will start to resent other guys in your life and will try to get you to himself. Watch for gestures and actions that prove that he wants you for his own.