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What Rahul Gandhi Did During His Speech

He had some written thoughts that followed a logical sequence, but then he started going off on tangents, adding in extra information here and there. Finally, his presentation devolved into a disorganized mish-mash of facts around his topic. He had lost sight of the points to which he had intended to lead his audience when… Read More »

Gujrawala Main Medical Taqreeb Main Aurat Ka Hungama

The practice of medicine appears as antique as the human race itself. Teacher-pupil apprentice model was followed for teaching of medicine in the very beginning. Around the 10th century the first modern teaching hospital was established in Baghdad, Iraq. Latter on in 1910 there was an improvement over the old system of unstructured apprenticeship when… Read More »

Cute Kid Copying News Caster Neelam Aslam Style

Finding your personal writing style is not an overnight process, but it shouldn’t be a totally unnatural process either. Consider your target audience: Think about the typical audience member and imagine talking to them in real life. Or go one step further, get out there and interact with them. If possible (and consensual) record your… Read More »

Man attacks air hostess midair:–

People die in emergency or disaster situations every day around the world. Yet, for every death, there are amazing stories of survival. One company lost only 13 people in the World Towers disaster on 9/11, yet other companies in the same building lost thousands of employees. How did a blind man escape while thousands of… Read More »


I had got off early one day so I decided to grab my bow and I went up behind my house. I had seen some deer in the distance, and my neighbor’s had said there was some real nice bucks running around while I was walking. I rode to the top of the hill next… Read More »


The African elephant is a majestic creature that stands approximately 10-13 feet tall and weighs between 5.5 and 7 tons. The adult male is larger than the adult female and the average length of an African elephant is 19 to 24 feet, which includes the tip of the trunk to the tip of the tail.… Read More »


pioneer population of the state was wont to amuse themselves with the gruesome ritual of bull and bear fights. Certainly something that would never be accepted today, these events made the Mexican tradition of bullfighting look tame by comparison. A large portion of the California population in those days was Spanish, and anything pertaining to… Read More »


Gender crises exists because a proper understanding to the definition and goals are not actually realized. The first goal of this writing is to examine the current landscape of gender inequality in US business. The second goal is to identify some factors that drive gender goal in marketplace and to design a program to reduce… Read More »

is larkay ka wazaan dekhye

Oh boy… here we go again. The struggle continues – you’ve been following your diet to the letter; you’ve done your exercises day-after-day and you’ve even done the dreaded cleanse several times, but yet your weight stubbornly refuses to come down. What a mess. This really shouldn’t be – so much hard work and nothing… Read More »

Larki garam ho to aisy kam karti hai

Do you have a crush on a hot girl? Do you want a hot girlfriend? Do you want hot girls to like you instantly? No matter how ugly you are, you can still get any girl you want.A hot girl is usually popular and enjoys shutting down guys. And she believes that everything will go… Read More »

wah Kitni pyari awaz hai larki ki wah

Do you long for a beautiful, crystal clear voice? This simple technique will show you how to bring your voice forward and out of the throat, giving you that clear, sweet singing voice that you want.Before we start this, I want to state that this is an exercise only, to help you gain control of… Read More »

7th Class Student Did Suicide In Teacher’s Love

Speaking of chalk boards, the main advantage that first is derived from use of interactive whiteboards in classroom technology is elimination of this tried and ‘dusty’ old friend. Soon to be long gone from the classroom will be the need for a lot of manual labour in the form of erasing the chalkboard surface area… Read More »

Mian Biwi ki halat begad gyi

The fundamental meaning of an Independent Oil and Gas Company is a non-incorporated organization which gets almost the greater part of its incomes from generation at the wellhead. They are solely in the investigation and generation section of the business, with no downstream promoting or refining inside their operations. The expense definition distributed by the… Read More »