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Funny Scene Happened With Azhar Ali Out Decision

Cricket, like most other sports of today, is governed by a strict code of Laws. Any breach of that code can result in serious penalties at individual, as well as team, level. To be able to play the game in its true spirit and according to the laws, one must have the knowledge of its… Read More »

Asad Shafiq Got Man of the Match Award Against Australia

There have been a few sensational sixes on the last and penultimate ball of the game to secure the victory. The most famous of them was the SIX by Javed Miandad when four runs were required to win the Final of the Australasia cup, a tournament equivalent of Champions Trophy. The next in significance was… Read More »

Fighting Scene Between Amir and Starc

technique of creating a convincing fight scene. Bodies crash to the floor.. chairs are upended… viewers are treated to closeups of terrified or furious faces… and the punches thrown are enough to make us wince and close our eyes. (No more of those prissy punches that fooled nobody in the early films – sneaky camera… Read More »

Beautiful Straight Drive By Muhammad Amir Against Aussies

This article is surely going to help those, who are madly in love with cricket, wanted to be a cricketer but never got an opportunity to earn money with their cricketing skills like their beloved cricket ideals. It’s all about how they can win plenty of money using their cricket madness.The game of cricket is… Read More »

Nobody Noticed Steve Smith Got Out

Onset of cricket fever is to be seen among all the cricket fans as ICC world cup 2011 has almost reached at your doorstep. Wherever you go, you’ll see that the talks of cricket are at peak. Cricket is like a religious game for most of the people around; therefore they try not to miss… Read More »

Stunning Run out By Asad Shafique Against Australia

cricket is always full of surprises. Surprises that experts feel are needed to keep the game going. Be it in the format or rules or spirit.The no-ball controversy in a one day international match played in Sri Lanka was such a surprise that set the ball rolling. Rolling fast and thick.Just a quick peek at… Read More »

Australia XI All Out For Just 114 Runs Against Pakistan

Sachin Tendulkar, probably the most successful cricketer of India of all time, is willing to end his career only after getting 15,000 runs in test cricket and winning test cricket  for India.In an interview with Wisden, Sachin told “I am not pleased yet with what I have done.” He added that Sunil Gavaskar has told… Read More »

Mohammad Shahzad and Sabbir gets into a fight, BPL 2016

I broke up after a big fight and exchanged words I wished I could take back…” Does that sound like the situation you are in now? So, you just had a fight with your boyfriend, you will be glad to here that those really big fights and even small ones help make the relationship stronger… Read More »

Excellent Catch By Shahid Afridi Shocked Everyone

ne of the most important skills in cricket is knowing how to catch a cricket ball. Being able to catch is important in being able to take wickets as a team. There are two ways in which you can catch the ball. These are to have the fingers pointing up or pointing down. These alternative… Read More »

Shahid Afridi Aur Chris Gayle Aamne Samne

Stick cricket is new form of popular sport cricket. Cricket is the most popular game among the world after football/soccer. With the advent of stick cricket there is a lot more traffic online and a large number of websites are featuring the competitive version of stick cricket. Most of the online games run by means… Read More »

Sarfraz jokes with Sohail Khan, 2nd Test New Zealand 2016

This article is surely going to help those, who are madly in love with cricket, wanted to be a cricketer but never got an opportunity to earn money with their cricketing skills like their beloved cricket ideals. It’s all about how they can win plenty of money using their cricket madness.The game of cricket is… Read More »

Muhammad Aamir Takes 1st Wicket

Watching the sorry procession of English batsman heading back to the pavilion yesterday at Headingley after yet another injudicious shot reminded me that being an England cricket fan can be tough.In fact, with alarming regularity, England’s batting has a tendency to brittleness and being prone to collapse like a house of cards in a force… Read More »

Shahid Afridi collides with Khulna batsman

Don Bradman could be rated as the greatest test batsman of all time just for his outstanding average of almost 100 runs. Some people are recently heard saying that Don played on only a couple of grounds, and may be even the bowling was also ordinary, and hence he has that kind of average. Then… Read More »

Virat Kohli Caught Doing Ball Tempering During Test Match

If you are new or newer to the game of basketball you should first check out the before you dribble item. Dribbling is obviously a vital part of basketball. If you don’t believe me, try playing a game of “ultimate basketball”. This is played by implementing rules of ultimate Frisbee into a game of 5… Read More »

Shahid Afridi picks up wicket first ball, BPL 2016

One of the classical cliches is “Health Is Wealth”. At this point therefore, we have to ensure that our body is always healthy and physically fit. Lack of time is the top reason for not doing healthy activities to make this happen. To some extent, we tend to relax and forget our daily exercise. But… Read More »

Sohail Khan Amazing Fielding, 1st Test 2016 New Zealand

When fielding during cricket there are many things to think about and consider depending on where you are fielding. This brief article will look at a few essential cricket fielding tips which you can incorporate into your game to improve your fielding.Where ever you are fielding you should always be on the balls of your… Read More »

Shahid Afridi funny gesture with Shahzad, BPL 2016

The time for trying things out is almost over. With the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 a little over two weeks away now, fine-tuning is the need of the hour and towards this end, the warm-up games immediately before the tournament proper need to be taken very seriously.When it comes to the faster bowlers, especially,… Read More »

Umar Akmal’s Bizarre Dismissal in BPL 2016

The laws of cricket list many ways a batsman can get out. In fact, there are precisely eleven ways, a batsman can contrive to get out, if he so desires.Some ways of getting out are very common. Every day, we see batsmen dismissed by being bowled or caught or LBW. A batsman getting out stumped… Read More »