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Mardana Kamzori Ka Wazifa

I am encouraged the more to write the second part of this message by the responses I received after the first part was published last week. I got responses as far as Canada. A renowned Canadian Christian writer (who read the article through the internet) was so thrilled that she sent a feedback commending the… Read More »

Naukri | Karobar Na ho Ya Maqrooz ho to Kia Krna Chahiye?

you are looking for a job or considering a change of career, you need to find more than one way of finding job in today’s technology driven world that is going through an economic downtrend. You certainly need to maximize your chances of getting job by knowing more about the ways that present day jobseekers… Read More »

Molvi Blast On Maulana Ilyaas Qadri

Religions are now again in the news. This time, religions are accused for the wars and conflicts in the world. Almost every day, there is some blast in some part of the world that is caused by so called Religious Fundamentalists and the victims are none other than their own brothers and sisters. As a… Read More »

Kya Subah Ke Waqt Sona Rizq Ko Rokta Hai

The appropriate amount of sleep needed to cope with a demanding day at work is approximately eight hours. Keep this in mind when scheduling your day and organising your everyday tasks. Take into account the time needed to get to work from the moment you wake up and define a bedtime hour.Going to sleep is… Read More »

Nazar E Bad Aur Jadoo Ki Alamaat Kya Hain Faiz

Would you like beautiful, alluring eyes? Eyes that attract and suggest? Eyes are the first thing most people notice. Properly applied eye makeup will enhance your beauty while eliciting a sense of mystery. Create the intrigue of the legendary “Bette Davis eyes” with these easy eye makeup tricks.It begins with the illusion of bigger eyes.… Read More »

Exclusive Video Junaid Jamshed Reciting Naat In Chitral

I bet you’re interested in knowing this quick trick to reciting what’s on the basic times tables chart, right? Well, read on. In Grade School we learned by repeating them over and over and-well, you get the message, right? Remember how our teachers tested us and gave us math homework? How about when they called… Read More »

Qissa ek shabi ka Bayan by Moulana Tariq Jameel 2016

How the plans to build a Mosque near Ground Zero have incited fervor, and exposed us for who we really are.Since it has been proposed, there has been heated verbal exchanges surrounding the construction of the 13 story “Park 51” Islamic Center and Mosque in Downtown Manhattan. It has become a clash of politics and… Read More »