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Sanam Baloch Gets Angry on a Live Caller in Live Show

Have you finally found a band that you are compatible with? Are you a solo artist that hears everything finally coming together? In either case if you’ve gotten the chance to play a live show or gig, chances are your first emotion was exhilaration, followed by anxiety about how you will perform. Let’s get you… Read More »

Minal Khan’s Dance At Aiman Khan’s Engagement

it is hard to imagine any wedding without the traditional gaana bajaana, or song and dance. Wherever there is information about Indian matrimony, there are endless elaborate descriptions about the customs and traditions of song and dance celebrated with such happy abandon in a traditional Indian marriage.If you delve deeper into the customs and traditions… Read More »

Guy Waited 12 Years For Snowfall To Do Engagement

It has been several years of drought in California and Nevada. Crops are withering, lakes and rivers have dwindled, and the water aquifer level is dropping. We depend on water for so many things – drinking, cooking, bathing, watering crops, recreation, and so much more. Land without water is dried up; people without water cannot… Read More »

Aiman and Muneeb Dance on their Engagement

You’ve finally found the woman of your dreams. There’s no denying it. You want to spend every waking moment next to her, and when you are apart, you feel as if your life just doesn’t have any meaning.Yes, that’s love.But are you ready for a commitment yet? Are you ready to take her hand and… Read More »

Check Reaction Of Girl On Shahrukh Mahira New Song Zaalima

When treating industrial wastewater, one encounters a host of problems. One such problem is determining the exact content and the type of industrial wastewater effluents for the right kind of treatment. In this article I discuss briefly, methods used to detect four such hazardous contaminants released by industries.ManganeseWhen lab technicians test wastewater for the presence… Read More »

Atif Aslam Pehli Dafa Song Released

Pakistan is blessed with talent and when we talk about Pakistani Music, you can never stop picking up one of the best Pakistani pop song uptill now because there are number of such hit songs nobody can judge the best one in past decades such as “Dil Dil Pakistan” , “Huwa Huwa”, “Mehndi ki Raat”,… Read More »

Shah Rukh Khan & Mahira Khan Zaalima Song Released

While the Indian pop songs industry has become a part and parcel of our lives today, the truth is that its development and growth is a unique phenomenon. The American pop music industry has flourished because Hollywood movies do not have dance and song sequences in their movies.The soundtracks are usually incorporated in the movies… Read More »

Makeup Tutorial Videos Be Like by Zaid Ali

Is there a wedding or a big party in your future? I bet you already picked your dress, shoes, jewelry and hair style by now. But have you given some thought to your makeup? There’s nothing worse than having to rush and improvise your makeup at the last minute! Avoid unnecessary stress and do a… Read More »

Aamir Liaquat Calls Rabia Anum Churail

People often ask questions on which style of trading is better, whether they should follow intra-day calls or positional calls and how they can make maximum profit with little risk in stock market. Based on the style of stock trading we can classify it into three types: Day, Swing and Positional. This classification is done… Read More »

Most Funniest AUDITION You Might Ever See!!!

There is a reason why numerous video websites are extremely popular amongst young and old people all around the world. People Love to see the the funniest videos as well as see what the newest crazy things that people are coming up with just to get a laugh. But what it is that takes a… Read More »

Pakistani Actress & Dancer Left Showbiz For Islam

There is a misconception that the majority of dancers are physically fit and have strong cardiovascular endurance. Dance activity generally stops and starts utilising the anaerobic system therefore the aerobic system is not engaged. Generally dancers lack cardiovascular fitness this can lead to injury. Ideally cardiovascular training needs to be incorporated into the dance technique… Read More »