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By | January 11, 2017
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made my first road trip into Europe, driving down through France and heading for the bright blue of the Mediterranean Sea. The road surface deteriorated immediately on entering Spain and my little Austin saloon jolted and rattled all the way to Barcelona. I spent a few days there, and then idled down the sun-drenched coastline.The road was never far from the silver-blue tapestry of the sea, ever visible below rock-strewn slopes or above the silver-green tops of the flat olive groves; while inland were terraced hillsides of rust-red earth and ranges of bare, grey-rock mountains, their blunt peaks lost in smoky wreaths of white cloud. Watch video in link below

Video link: http://wp.me/p7PtNj-2mu

Whenever the temptation became too much I stopped to laze, to bathe in the sea, or to explore some of the small fishing villages. It was late in the afternoon when I entered the small town of Nules, some forty miles before Valencia and here there was an air or festivity and excitement that took my attention.Something was about to happen, that much was evident from the crowds of people overflowing a stout street barricade as though preparing to watch a rodeo. Leaving my car I went back to join them. There were more crowds thronging the street beyond the barricade, and so I squeezed through a gap between the solid twelve-by-four timbers and wandered curiously into the center of the town. I soon reached the unpaved main square and noted that every street leading away from it had a similar barricade after the first hundred yards.