Breaking News:- Nawaz Sharif Wedding With Dancer

By | January 11, 2017
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Dance is the art of movement and the art through which we deliver messages. Long ago, dances were performed strictly to tell a story, to transmit a certain message to someone or to a community. Nowadays, dance has changed. It is performed to maintain a tradition and mostly for entertainment. Perhaps the only type of dance that has not changed too much is the dance of love. Used to seduce, dance has this functions from the earliest times. Watch video in link  below

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Some African dances for example are very flirtatious in nature and have different significations. Agbaei is performed in Ghana and it was founded by the elders of the Krobo settlement when they realized that youngsters had a problem to communicate and date. Therefore, the elders wanted to help the youth and prepare them for real life situations by making them dance together. Adzgobo, on the contrary, is a dance during which both men and women expose their charms and try to seduce each other. However, they do not dance together, but in turns, only men or women.