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By | January 11, 2017
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The file and suspend strategy is when Spouse 1 files for Social Security and then immediately suspends the benefit. This can be beneficial because it could possibly enable the individual’s spouse to begin collecting a spousal benefit based on Spouse 1’s work history. Further, it would enable Spouse 1 to collect delayed retirement credits until age 70, getting an 8% per year raise in monthly Social Security payments.The U.S. government has concluded that this strategy is abusive of the Social Security system in that it is essentially double dipping as it allows a couple to begin collecting a benefit based on one spouse’s work history while at the same time collecting delayed retirement credits on the same work history. Watch video in link below

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At this time, it appears that this strategy will no longer be allowed beginning six-months from the date the law is passed. Further, it is currently unclear what action will be taken against those who have already utilized this strategy. It currently appears possible that couples who have already started this strategy will be allowed to complete the process. Alternatively, it is possible that couples who have started this process will no longer be entitled to the spousal benefit they are currently receiving until Spouse 1 begins claiming his Social Security benefit, at which time the spousal benefit for Spouse 2 would continue. In a worse-case scenario, it is possible that the U.S. government may attempt to recollect any benefits that are no longer allowed from couples who have already taken advantage of this strategy. (I believe this is the least likely result, as it would be hard to take money away from people who have already collected it.