After Bilawal and Atif, Shafaat Ali is Doing Brilliant Mimicry of Shehzad Roy

By | December 6, 2016
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It is complicated to speak out my opinion when it comes to Prince. I love some of his songs, yet I consider some of his other songs not good at all. I would say that the best years for Prince are between mid-1980’s and early My first favorite album from Prince is the Purple Rain soundtrack. I love all the songs in the album, particularly “When Doves Cry.” I was nine years old when I first listened to the song and thought the song was very cool. Later on, I got to know the lyrics and found the lyrical imagery in the song to be the cool thing of the song. This song is the kind of song that has the beat to make you dance. If you listen very closely, you will find the baseline in the song. This is a brilliant song to my opinion, the one you can listen to and make you dance. Watch video in link below

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Another song that I like from the soundtrack album is the title song. This is quite a long song, an eight minute song with guitar instrumental played at the end. I usually don’t like slow songs from Prince, but the way that Prince combines the music, the lyrics, and the performance in this song is very brilliant and evoke emotional reaction from everyone that listens to it.In the following years, I came to like “Raspberry Beret,” a song from Around the World in A Day album. The song tells a story about a guy who works in a small store. Then he falls in love with a girl who steps in to the store one day. The girl wears a raspberry beret, the one which inspired the title. They finally get together in the end, which makes a sweet story and a sweet song to listen.