Bengaluru Molestation: What Really Happened With Girls In New Year Event

By | January 6, 2017
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you are looking to celebrate the holiday season in the Philippines, it should be of great interest to you to find out how do Filipino girls celebrate New Year in their home country. This ought to make your vacation more memorable, and not only that; it might also bring you closer to the heart of a Filipina.In the Philippines, New Year is not a separate event, but rather an extension of Christmas. And so there is pretty much of the Christmas cheer left come New Year’s Day.A few days before New Year, vendors can be found in designated areas selling fire crackers (paputok), such as Baby Rockets, Rebentador, Jumbo Fountain, Whistle Bomb, Luisis, Watusi, Bulalakaw, and Triangulo. Actually the selling of firecrackers has been banned or already regulated because of the many accidents caused by these. Watch video in link below

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Yet vendors continue to sell, and Filipinos continue to buy them. These firecrackers, lighted on New Year’s Eve, decorate the night sky and create loud, deafening noises, bidding goodbye to the year that was and welcoming the New Year. Typically, the men take care of lighting of the firecrackers, while women busy themselves with the preparations for the New Year’s Noche Buena. They make sure there is an abundance of foods and fruits on the table at the strike of midnight.Traditionally, Filipino girls celebrate New Year with their family at home. The more religious of the lot hear the New Year’s eve mass, while others prefer to stay at home and help out in the preparations in whatever way they can. If you want to make an impression with a Filipina, offer to accompany her in Church and if she invites you for Noche Buena, accept it and offer your services. She will make you feel welcome at home and you will have a great time with her relatives and friends. The celebration lasts until way past midnight.