Aulad Ki Paidaish Rokne Ka Qudarti Tariqa Aur Uska Hukam By Adv Faiz Syed

By | December 6, 2016
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Children in today’s society seem to be much more pampered and less responsible than they were a few decades ago. They also seemed to have lost much of the value system that most of us took for granted growing up. By examining the roles of children in the past, we may be able to trace the source of the problems that we are having with today’s troubled youth.In olden days, children were treated as small adults and given many of the same responsibilities that were shouldered by their parents. Youngsters worked side by side with their parents in the fields as soon as they could walk. Watch video in link below

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Children serving as soldiers were not uncommon in some countries. Marriages took place when a person was approximately twelve years of age in the hopes that they could reproduce in the few years that they had to live. Young people in these times were exposed to the harsh realities of life virtually from birth.Death was also an every day event when the average life span was approximately forty years of age. Only one in five children survived to adulthood, so the loss of siblings was a common occurrence as well. Many parents did not live to see their children grow up due to the loss of life in battle and childbed, and many children were raised by adults that had little or no blood connection to them.