Arshad Khan Exclusive Talk Telling About New Movie

By | December 17, 2016
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you want to know how to talk to a shy guy, the very first step is to understand WHY he is shy. You see, many people may misinterpret shyness as a lack of confidence, being stupid, or even being rude….whereas in reality a shy guy may simply be introverted or may be afraid of the very same thing you are: rejection.In the end, these 3 exclusive tips can give you the insight you need to finally know how to talk to a shy guy, and once you implement them, you will get him to open up to you instantly. Watch video in link below

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While not always true, many men are actually shy because they have a low self esteem. They are afraid to openly express themselves or and are less confident in general, because they may have been rejected in the past or may have a few insecurities.The fact is: everyone has insecurities, BUT if you can make a man less insecure about himself, he will open up to you. So throw him a few compliments, and tell him exactly what you like about him and why. Even challenge him to open up more by complimenting his strong areas which in turn gives him the confidence to be more open and speak to you more often as well.