Arshad Khan (Chaiwala) and Jiah Ali Interview

By | November 8, 2016
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I have been through several career transitions during my life. Each transition gave me the opportunity to interview with many companies. I suppose looking for a new career, applying for numerous jobs and interviewing with various companies over a year’s time might not be everyone’s definition of “opportunity”, but to me it was and is.Interviews are unique experiences that we can use to sharpen our listening skills, communication skills, to meet a new group of people. Watch video in link  below

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and be exposed to a new company. Interviews are a time where we can get to know a company and they can get to know us. If we want to have a productive meeting and positive experience we should prepare for the interview meeting, just like we would for any other meeting.I have notebooks for everything. I have notebooks for books I read, projects I am working on and for the interview process. Find a place you can keep notes, on paper or digitally, of the companies you interview with, contact information, important dates, actions, results and other pertinent information. This information can be used as a reference for future contact with these companies, and as a way to record your job search history.