Another Fight Between Bangladesh and England Players, Mashrafe and Billings Exchanging Words

By | October 13, 2016
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We have been taking glimpses into wild wolf society to help us understand dog instinctive behavior (both good and bad) that we observe in our pets. We find fascinating organization and rigid structure in wild wolf society, with swift, consistent, fair discipline and clearly drawn lines of leadership, support,and boundaries.The importance of coordinated participation. Watch video link in below

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from every wolf pack rank in the hunt, territorial fights, and really all other times, help us to understand the roles of dogs with different personalities, how they seek to interact with us and with other animals, and the kind of leadership and boundaries that your domestic dog expects from you — without which he is miserable!A wolf’s sense of smell is at least 20 times stronger than ours (and so is that of your domestic dog). A wild wolf’s hearing is more than 40 times better. So the scent of a wolf pack that is trespassing is picked up by the pack that owns the land even if they are hours away from the trespassers. The wind carries scents and sounds.