Angry Elephant Attack In palakkad kerala,India, Damaging

By | January 8, 2017
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you know that you can make your electric guitar sound like a banjo? How about an angry elephant? There are tons of fun things that you can do with an electric guitar. Some of them are more commonly used techniques such as alternate tunings, bending strings, pinch harmonics, feedback, and long legato runs among other things.This one is pretty simple but it may take some trial and error. All you have to do is put a rag under the strings between the pickups so that it just slightly touches them. The trial and error comes in finding the right thickness of rag to use and exactly how to place it. I do it with a guitar polish rag folded over a couple of times. Watch video in link below

Video link:

Private guitar instruction is the best way to go but it can be expensive and the quality of the instructors varies greatly. For those who live in small towns there may not be any. If you can’t take lessons from me or another good guitar instructor, I suggest that you try one of these guitar systems. Here are my top recommendations for beginners and intermediate level players.