Anaconda Attacks Dutch Girl

By | January 11, 2017
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Anaconda snakes are the largest snake in the world, most of them found in the tropical rainforests of South America. Though a reticulated python is the longest snake, the girth and the muscular framework of an anaconda makes its appearance more massive than that of a reticulated python.Apart from the rain forest of South America, the anaconda snakes are also found in parts of Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia. These reptiles like all great predators are solitary creatures. They do not move around in groups, they usually prefer to keep by themselves, minding their own business. Among other facts, anacondas mostly dwell in water logged areas, flooded jungles. Watch video in link below

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Anacondas are slow moving predators on land, but are excellent swimming predators at water! The humid and water surroundings also make up for an excellent hunting field for a snake of this magnitude. The eyes and the nostrils are on top of the head of this giant reptile, so while hunting for its prey, the viewing and the breathing organs of the anaconda is only above the surface from the water.The rest of the body is submerged underwater. Meaning for just a few of the facts, it mainly preys on animals and bird that come to the water’s edge, to quench their thirst many of the time. The anaconda uses the element of surprise to get hold of the prey with its sharp teeth, and then it quickly coils around the victim, causing it to die through internal bleeding and suffocation.