Amir Liaqauat Plays A Clip Of Tariq Fateh..

By | January 12, 2017
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you are in the bar mitzvah planning mode (or bat mitzvah), you probably already know what the title of this article is about. If not, ask you son or daughter. He or she will tell you.Along with the location, caterer and DJ, video montages have quickly become one of the core essentials of a great bar/bat mitzvah party. Projected on a large screen at the party, the sound ideally emanating through the DJ’s kickin’ sound system, the montage is a trip back through the thirteen years that led up to this day. Typically in the eight-to-ten minute range, a great video montage highlights these years in an entertaining way that lets the invited guests experience the uniqueness. Watch video in link below

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Poorly constructed video montages are about as exciting to experience as watching paint dry. The trap that do-it-yourself montage creators often fall into, is that every baby picture, soccer goal, and school play video clip is Academy Award worthy and deserves to be seen. In its entirety. Repeatedly.A “mom”or “dad” creating the montage is a challenge, because every photo, every clip holds special meaning. It’s hard to discern what should go in, and what should remain in the scrapbook or the video library. And these days, with digital photography, most people have hundreds if not thousands of photographs in their library. Make the wrong choices, create an uninspired, repetitive montage, and that great party vibe that started with the hora and crescendo’d through the DJ’s party dance music, is suddenly laying dead on the side of the road like road-kill.Sound harsh? Yes, it is. But ten minutes of a boring montage can be awfully destructive to the party atmosphere.