Amber Got Slapped By Her Husband – Reason Will Shock Everyone

By | January 3, 2017
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It was thrown in the streets, the highways and byways. Yes, the silver, the gold, the diamonds, the dollars, the pound notes and other currencies. No! No! Too late! Too late! We cannot use it now! Pestilence, disasters, disease, plagues, heat, cold, floods fire, and earthquake are all around us. Angels, horses, chariots and a king are all visible in the sky. The noisy trumpets are sounding loudly, the sky is rolled back and the heaven is on fire, what use is money to us now?Money given but Rejected Employers, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, boyfriends and girlfriends, emptied their bank accounts for those in need but had problems. Watch video in link below

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‘Thank you, boss, but our bills are all paid for, our fridges and freezers are filled with food, and our homes are warm and we are not cold and hungry any more!”Wife’, says the husband, ‘take this money and buy enough food in the house to feed yourself and the children.’ ‘Thank you, husband, but we are not hungry anymore; we are full and have all that’s needed!’
‘ I’m terribly sorry for not being there for you and the children when you needed me. When you asked me for financial help I turned away from you, although, I knew the situation. Also, my friends, relations and work meant more to me than you and the kids, even knowing that we were a married couple and had a family; I still did not do my duty. Instead.