By | January 8, 2017
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With the advent of YouTube came imitators, which have flooded the internet with millions of user created videos including home captures of paranormal events and odd occurrences. Unfortunately, many of these videos are hoax, fake, or of such poor quality it’s hard to tell whether your looking at a ghost or a oddly cracked window. To combat the tireless search for some real ghost footage, try checking out these places for higher quality user submissions. Watch video in link below

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Ghost Hunter / Ghost Tour Websites – Find local ghost hunting or ghost tour websites and your bound to find a multimedia gallery with pictures, videos, and audio recordings of ghosts and entities. Orbs, ribbons, and apparitions are usually found with a quick search on Google. I’ve personally been on a few ghost tours in St. Augustine and have found many of their websites to have photo galleries of all the paranormal events that happen during their daily tours. Some of these pictures will scare you!Above Top Secret – The forums on the ATS website feature a category devoted to the paranormal which have mature users debating the authenticity of ghost videos, pictures, events, or personal stories that members share. Many of the videos presented are shown to be hoax through Adobe Photoshop editing, creative camera angles, or tricks to fool the viewer.