By | January 4, 2017
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I wrote in my previous article that the difficulties experienced by the people are caused by being dependent on the wills and wishes of the nafs-I ammara that orders evil things to people, and the nafs (ego) is the biggest enemy of the human. Rasulullah (s.a.w), The Sultan of Hearts, ordered in the Hadith that:“The worst enemy of yours is the nafs surrounding you “The strongest enemy of the human is the nafs, and then comes his family.The biggest struggleThe nafs is really a strong and mad enemy. It is really hard to overcome it without the help of Allah (swt). As the strongest enemy of the human is the nafs, the struggle with the nafs is the biggest one that human fights. Watch video in link below

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The human accepts the existence of Allah (swt) in this dimension. He is subject to the divine training system of Him that leads to goodness. The person starts to advance to the peak of human maturity gradually with the method Allah (swt) provided for him in this dimension. The person fights with his evil-commanding nafs that leads him to behaviors of animals in this dimension having Allah’s (swt) support. He tries to clean his nafs from the animal qualifications shaped by the wills and desires of evil-commanding nafs (bad morals) and reshape it with divine qualifications (good morals). The more sincere his belief and faith in Allah.