Actress Yasra Rizvi Response On Nonsense Critics Of People On Her Marriage

By | January 1, 2017
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Have you ever noticed how some people, who clearly have enough of their own flaws, faults and issues (as we all do), seem compelled to constantly find fault in others?And they’re not critical in a “hey, I want to help you and here’s some thoughtful feedback” kind of way. No, it’s more of a “I’m an insecure tool who tries to make himself feel (or look) better by being critical of others” kind of thing.One of the challenges of being a personal development writer and speaker is that some people (erroneously) assume that I must have it all together (which I clearly don’t; just ask my friends)… or that I think I have it all together. Watch video in link below

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One of the reasons I get so excited about learning and growing is because I know how much I don’t know… and for that reason, I’m passionate about, and committed to, my life-long personal development journey (be that physical, emotional, spiritual and / or intellectual). If I waited until I ‘had it all figured out’ before I started to write, teach, mentor, coach or try and help people, I would never do anything.Okay, maybe I’d watch Oprah and eat.I’m not interested in pointing out (perceived) flaws in others when I clearly have more than enough work of my own to do.I recently wrote an honest account of my experience meeting an incredible woman named Lee which generated some positive feedback. In writing the post my sole intention was to inspire and challenge, and to tell a story.