This Actress Proposed Actor in a Live Show, See What Happened NEXT ??

By | January 6, 2017
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Had she been alive today, today would have been the 101st birthday of actress Ann Sothern. A quick glance at her acting credits includes appearances in dozens of movies and her own situation comedy that ran for three seasons across an acting career that spanned nearly six decades.You may ask why I’ve opened an article that deals with medical billing, coding, compliance and health information with a short biography of an old actress. Please bear with me for a few paragraphs. There is one credit on Ann Sothern’s resume that sticks out in my mind and is relevant to today’s dissertation. In 1965, Ms. Sothern played the voice of a dead woman in a television show that most critics now point to as one of the worst shows. Watch video in link below

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the history of television. That show was My Mother, The Car. The show followed the exploits of a young man who one day buys an antique automobile from a used car lot. When he turns on the radio in the car, who should be on the radio but his dead mother offering life advice from beyond the grave. Mercifully, this show only lasted one season and to my great glee is not available on DVD.As we stand back and look at this plot line, we begin to wonder not only why such an atrocious idea ever made it to air, but what person, when this idea was pitched to them, thought that something like this would appeal to the viewing public. Worse yet, the young man in the show was played by Jerry Van Dyke, whose entrance onto the American entertainment landscape acts as the ultimate symbol of what happens when we let a talented person’s less gifted siblings share a piece of the spotlight.